More heat pumps purchased than gas furnaces in 2022 in the US

More heat pumps purchased than gas furnaces in 2022 in the US Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

For 40+ years EFI has been at the forefront of Energy Efficiency programs and products while empowering customers of utilities to take action!

As the market shifts to larger electrification measures for the home, we were VERY encouraged by this report from Canary Media


"Americans are buying more heat pumps for their homes than ever before. U.S. annual sales rose above 4 million units for the first time in 2022, outpacing sales of gas-powered furnaces. 

Heat pumps run on electricity instead of fossil gas and are up to three times more efficient than gas furnaces for heating. Plus, they can also act as air conditioners when the weather is warm, serving as a double-duty appliance. 

So far in the U.S., heat pumps have been most common in the Southeast, where many homes are already all-electric and winters tend to be more mild. But their adoption has been increasing across the country over the past 10 years. That is due partly to falling costs and partly to technology improvements that have significantly boosted heat-pump performance, especially in colder weather."

We have been working with our utility clients over the past few years to leverage our Utility Marketplace as the go-to customer engagement tool. And with the launch of our Marketplace Hub technology, we now offer growth among beneficial electrification and decarbonization products, programs, and tools. 

In fact, one of our strategic partners Energy Sage has launched a Heat Pump marketplace here in our home state of Massachusetts! This new and innovative tool empowers consumers in MA to begin their Heat Pump journey. In a colder climate like New England, heat pumps are going to be a tougher sell vs. the southeast region, which was a major driving force to the growth seen in 2022 (see chart above). So, partners like utilities, Energy Sage and EFI are needed as we come together to offer best-in-class energy savings programs, education, and products for the homeowner and small business owner. 

As a utility, if you are looking for ways to bring heat pumps to your customers, let EFI and our partners help! Contact us here!


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