"Give families, individuals and businesses access to cost-effective & environmentally friendly energy resources"

Bradley Steele, Founder of EFI

About EFI

Since 1982 EFI has been helping people and organizations purchase quality conservation products at affordable prices. EFI provides incentive fulfillment services to utility clients throughout the US. For over 40 years we have been delivering innovative, high-quality programs that provide real, measurable savings. Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream EFI can help you save.

Our Mission

We believe it is essential to encourage people to use our planet's limited energy and water resources wisely. We assist people in these efforts by offering high quality conservation products and services at affordable prices while communicating practical, objective information. We believe that by following this mission, our work will lead to an improved quality of life and economic condition.

Why Choose EFI

40 years of experience leads to the thought leadership, know-how and leading technologies that help Utilities engage better and instantly with their customers. Let us help create and grow your customer's omnichannel energy-efficient journey. 

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EFI's Story

  • 2022 - EFI Turns 40!!

    Amazing! We are SO proud of the work and impact we have made in our 40 years in the market. From bringing LED bulbs to market, to inventing the Utility eCommerce marketplace to donating over a $1M to EE grants... We are ready for 40 more years!~

  • 2022 - Demand Response is Launched

    Available with two DERMS providers, EFI launches Smart Thermostat DR with multiple utility clients and sees a 30% uptick in activity and enrollments! 

  • 2021 - EFI Ships 8.8 Million Energy Efficient products

    On the heals of the most challenging year in 2020, EFI and our valued utility clients delivered the MOST products in EFI history to homes and SMB's! 8.8 Million Energy Effiecent products are now in customers hands, ready to make a significant different in our fight against climate change! 

  • 2020 - EFI + Ameren Illinois wins E-Source Award!

    The Covid-19 pandemic forced efi and our clients to act quickly. Ameren Illinois, efi and CLEAResult were awarded a 2nd place finish in the smart home category by Esource! A hyper targeted campaign helped offer a smart thermostat and a WFH desk lamp to customers who needed it most. It was a huge success, out performing the goal 3 times over!

  • 2020 - EFI pivots and helps utilities engage during a world wide crisis

    2020 has been a challange, to say the least! EFI has risen and futher bolstered our mission by working closley with our utility clients to increase engagement, Energy Effiecient education, and drive EE product adoption. Learn More Here

  • 2019 - EFI Wins 4 Awards for Utility eCommerce Marketplaces

    EFI's success with the Mass Save online marketplace received 4 prestigious awards from Communicator and Hermes for User Experience, Visual Appeal, Website Redesign, and Environmental Awareness. Learn more here. 

  • 2019 - New Sustainability Report Published

    EFI published a 2018 Sustainability Report presenting the positive impacts and successes of the eCommerce marketplace programs achieved on behalf of clients and customers. 

  • 2018 - Awarded for Online Marketplaces

    EFI was awarded by the E Source Award, the Davey Award, the W3 Award and the AVA Digital Award for the exceptional work of the utility-branded Online Marketplace. Read more.

  • 2017 - Our 70th Marketplace Launched!

    In early 2017 we proudly launched our 70th energy efficient, instant rebate utility branded marketplace. We ARE the leaders in the space.

  • 2015 - Publishes 1st Sustainability Action Plan

    EFI publishes its first Sustainability Action Plan, committing the organization to tracking and achieving specific sustainability-related reduction goals by 2020.

  • 2008 - Establishes Alan Silverstein Memorial Fund

    EFI establishes a special fund (now known as the Alan Silverstein Memorial Fund) to make financial support available to support the work of other organizations in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Over $500,000 has been awarded to-date.

  • 2000 - Industry's 1st eCommerce domain

    EFI launches energyfederation.org, which is the industry's first eCommerce domain focused on the sale of residential energy efficiency-related products in support of utility-sponsored programs.

  • 1993 - Instant In store Rebates Created and Championed

    EFI implemented an innovative "Instant Redeemable Coupon" program through which coupons could be redeemed for light bulbs through participating retail stores in three states, with purchase limits enforced by across channels.

  • 1985 - Prepped and Won Pioneering RCS Audit Program w/ Boston Edison

    In collaboration with EFI member organizations EFI prepared a successful proposal to operate a pioneering Department of Energy-funded Residential Conservation Service (RCS) audit program for Boston Edison, which was the first in the country to include the direct installation of products and a contractor arranging service for major measures. EFI also begin inventorying compact fluorescent light bulbs for use in regional RCS programs.

  • 1982 - EFI is Born

    Via the entrepreneurial and energy conscious mind of Brad Steele, EFI is born and was established as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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