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We have been in the Energy Efficiency and lighting world for over 40 years! Not too long ago we were one of the first to import LED bulbs for our utility clients. We created the New Leaf brand to ensure the best pricing, best quality and best way to feed our mission with each sale. 

Did you know that EFI donates our proceeds at the end of each year to Energy Efficiency grants all over the country? So buying New Leaf not only saves you money, but is helps EFI do even more good!

Every Style, Every House

From A lamps, to globes, to decorative bulbs to BR 30 can bulbs, New Leaf has all the ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs you will ever need for your home or small business. 

4 Pack of A Lamps, only $9.99! Really!

Available now! On Amazon, Click HERE to shop our amazing 4 pack of A Lamps. These ENERGY STAR® bulbs will help you save money as they replace a highly inefficient incondescent bulb, and will help EFI drive our mission as we donate our proceeds to Energy Efficent grants all over the country!

New Leaf Lighting, offers you the best in quality, service, and mission.

You do good by partnering with New Leaf for your home, small business, kit programs, or lighting rebate offers!




New Leaf Lighting is ENERGY STAR® certified so you know you are getting the best in energy savings when you upgrade

A Variety of Color Temperatures

It doesn't matter how you like it, cool, warm or dimmable, we have you covered!

Bulk Packs Available

Need more than one? New Leaf offers bulbs in packs of 4 ,10, 20 or for you contractors out there, 50 or 75! Email our team to order now! 

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