Staff in the Spotlight: Amber Caravantes

Staff in the Spotlight: Amber Caravantes Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

We’re kicking off the summer months with the spotlight on Amber Caravantes, one of EFI’s Operations Specialists. In her role, Amber focuses on our client, Duke Energy and oversees all of Duke Energy’s QC results, invoicing, and product setups. She is also looking to update and/or amend any program invoicing issues that our program coordinator group encounters on a daily basis.

Amber’s history with EFI goes way back – five years ago, she walked through the EFI doors as a Call Center Representative, very green and very eager to learn. Since then, over time, Amber grew and evolved with the company. She became a 1st level Customer Service Representative, then a 2nd level Customer Service Representative, and as she continued to excel, she became a Night Shift Team Lead and then a Customer Service Supervisor.  

Amber didn’t stop there! A year later, she became a Sales Support Representative and then filled a new EFI position created called Client Ambassador. As time went on, she continued to grow as a Client Ambassador, moved into a Program Coordinator role, and, ultimately landed as our Operations Specialist, a role she feels she was meant to blossom into during her time here.

Outside of the office, Amber is a Jeep aficionado and gardener. When she’s not working on her 2 Jeeps, she’s tending to her indoor lemon tree, banana tree, and pineapple plant (fun fact from Amber – the pineapple plant only grows one pineapple every three years!).

While her Jeeps may not be the most eco-friendly vehicle (though she has modified her daily driver to have it omit less CO2 and be more gas efficient), she tries to make up for it by switching all her light bulbs to LEDs, install NEST thermostats in her home (and her family’s homes!), and recycle as much as possible.

As a Criminal Justice student, succeeding in the Energy Efficiency field was not in Amber’s plans but she believes it is where she was always meant to be. She loves what she does (that is clear to all around her!) and is excited to see where it leads her.

We’re excited as well, Amber! We love having you as part of the EFI team and your growth here impresses us all greatly!


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