Growth Of A Category: WiFi Thermostats

Growth Of A Category: WiFi Thermostats Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

Here at EFI, we pride our selves on our mission of helping to make energy efficient consumer products easier to access. And one mechanism to do that is our continuing leadership in the Utility Branded Marketplace space, it's not just that we have launched over 80, its that we work closely with our clients to ensure their customers are truly leveraging the excellent savings on products and influencing the growth of energy efficiency.

Case in point, we were casually chatting with a client in early 2017, and our team overheard a comment "how can we grow our Wi-Fi Thermostat adoption?" The year previous was a very successful one, but mainly in the lighting and water space, important measures, and goals were being achieved on the marketplace. But the clients downstream in store Thermostat numbers were lacking. So with a little collaboration, and an integrated marketing plan - This year was going to be all about their newly added and aggressive goals based on the WiFi Thermostat measure.

Leveraging our ability to source, warehouse, sell and ship a multitude of products, and their already live and running Marketplace, we quickly built a forecast model, marketing plan and uploaded Nest and Ecobee Tstats, added rebates. And got to work.

The results speak for themselves.

In a short time we noticed an uptick in site usage, conversion rate increased, and the stores week over week sales showed an incredible increase.

Not only did we see this increase in Wi-Fi Thermostats, but we noticed a 27% increase in both lighting and water measures activity.... a rising tide lifts all ships methodology rings true across all of our Utility Marketplaces when Wi-Fi thermostats are rebated and marketed to!

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