We LOVE Thermostats Promotion!

We LOVE Thermostats Promotion! Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

EFI partnered with 17 stores to provide their customers an instant rebate on Smart Thermostats through an ecommerce online experience.

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Customers received a marketing notification online regarding this fabulous deal. The notification leads the customer to the EFI online store, where they selected their desired smart thermostat and used the promo code FEB15 at checkout. This was combined with the utility's existing discounted price, making the thermostat up to $150 off! That meant, the buyer scored a $249 thermostat for just $99.00!

Customers were so thrilled about the promotion that they promoted it to discount websites such as SlickDeals.com, which produced additional traffic to the online store. Two utility online stores sold over 2,500 thermostats each during the promotional period, which far surpassed their goal. There was a 400% increase in traffic flow, resulting in a 10% conversion rate.

This is EFI's first February Smart Thermostat promotion and it was very successful. Our 17 clients were very satisfied with the outcome and the success won't stop there. The Smart Thermostat annual Earth Day promotion is just around the corner and will include an increase in discounts. Stay tuned for more information on more of EFI's successful promotions!


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