Over 30 Utilities Partner with EFI this Earth Day to Drive Energy Savings through Smart Thermostat Instant Rebates

Over 30 Utilities Partner with EFI this Earth Day to Drive Energy Savings through Smart Thermostat Instant Rebates Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

On April 8, 2021, EFI client utilities spanning across the nation launched an Earth Day promotion, which was marked as the most successful one to date. Utility customers received the opportunity to purchase low-to-no-cost smart thermostats, and as a result, over 20,000 of these energy-saving products are now residing in their homes and saving customers up to 15% on utility bills. This year’s Earth Day-themed promotion was featured on the EFI online marketplace, where we saw a 36% higher conversion rate compared to 2020’s promotion. 

As the utilities trusted customer engagement partner, EFI requested their utility partners’ participation to market a highly competitive incentive to their customers. It was no surprise over 30 utilities agreed to participate to empower their customers to make the energy-efficient choice, as well as increase overall energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. 

Most marketing began reaching customers through email and social media campaigns on April 8th, offering deals on top-rated smart thermostats such as Ecobee, Google Nest, Emerson, and Honeywell. Although a variety of smart thermostats were available, the new Google Nest Smart Thermostat led the overall sales and exceeded forecast by 233%. 

One client that outperformed, received a considerable increase in product sales by offering a smart thermostat at no cost to their customers. Compared to the prior period, the marketplace received an increase in conversion rate by 116% and an 8,378% increase in transactions. From one FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) email, this client was able to sell over 6,000 smart thermostats to their residential customers in two days. 

EFI is paving the way with innovative, responsive, and user-friendly online marketplaces and instant rebates for utility companies, which produces an average 75 Net Promoter Score (NPS). EFI wanted to help utility partners utilize this technology for the most mission-driven holiday of the year. “This Earth Day signifies more than product sales for EFI and contributing partners,” said Jonathan Coons, EFI's Director of Marketing. “With the use of our innovative marketplace and instant rebate technology, we are able to positively impact utility customers’ lives and feed our mission of reducing energy use and strain our natural resources.” 

Want to learn more about the EFI utility marketplace? Visit www.efi.org/services/utility-marketplace/ 


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