EFI Technology Drives Huge Impacts When Customers Need Them Most

EFI Technology Drives Huge Impacts When Customers Need Them Most Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

A partnership between EFI, New Jersey Gas Utility and Google Provides 10's of Thousands of New Jersey Residents with Free Smart Thermostats amid rising gas prices, and an unprecedented time of need.

Leveraging EFI's best-in-class Utility Marketplace, client collaboration and here-to-help marketing messaging, New Jersey customers were able to save up to 15% on cooling costs! During an unprecedented time of need, EFI collaborated with their client in New Jersey, and a strategic partner, Google, to help the residents of New Jersey find ways to save energy and money. By offering free Google Nest smart thermostats between, New Jersey residents were able to take advantage of saving up to 15% on cooling costs and 12% on heating costs annually with a $0 investment.  

According to Google, the savings for the individuals living in New Jersey could average between $131 and $145 each year just by upgrading their thermostat to the Google Nest smart thermostat. This campaign was created via EFI and their clients commitment to sustainability and delivering energy-efficiency solutions to their customers combined with the compassion and drive to help support customers as they navigated uncharted territory during a pandemic and spikes in gas prices.  

“With customers spending more time at home in response to COVID-19, and warmer weather on the way, energy use, and bills will be on the rise,” said the president and CEO of the New Jersey-based utility 
“We’re here to help our customers by empowering them with the technology and tips they need to save energy and money and help protect the environment.” 

EFI and Google were thrilled to step up to the plate and partner with our clients in their efforts to help their customers. EFI aided in the marketing efforts, providing them with invaluable insight to help stimulate engagement and conversion rates to the EFI-driven utility marketplace.

During the campaign, a robust and highly impactful marketing plan was leveraged with the guidance of their EFI strategic account managers, EFI marketing leaders and data driven insights from across all of EFI's utility marketplace presences. Together, EFI and our client explored all avenues and collaborated to ensure the campaign’s success. Some of these efforts included: a variety of email sends, bill inserts, ads on social media and Google, direct mail pieces, radio broadcast commercials, and a press release.

Their most impactful engagements were via email, which included strategic and data-driven variances. Multiple email touches went out to their clients on a variety of days and times to reach as many residents as possible. It was this variety included in their marketing plan that enhanced the success of the campaign. Over 5,000 thermostats were ordered in just the 1st few days after a calculated Saturday marketing push to a list never before marketed to was successfully delivered, some conversion rates landing 400+% above standard eCommerce sites.  

During the campaign, our client was able to provide tens of thousands of thermostats to their customers, exceeding their previous year's thermostat sales totals in just one billing cycle. This phenomenal achievement will positively impact their savings goals as well as prevent over 4 million pounds of CO2 carbon emissions. Not to mention, keeping their customers happy, cool, and enjoying the savings!


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