How EFI’s E-Rebates Technology Tripled Program Participation

How EFI’s E-Rebates Technology Tripled Program Participation Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

If you’re looking for an innovative and proven-effective way to increase utility program participation, look no further than in-store E-Rebates - EFI’s instant rebate platform. When faced with a steady decline in mail-in rebate applications for heat pump water heaters, one utility turned to E-Rebates for a solution. By upgrading to EFI’s instant rebate technology, they saw a remarkable increase in participation, nearly tripling their number of rebated water heaters within one year! That’s not all - this proven success also motivated them to boost their water heater goal for the following year by 60%!

Here you will learn about:

  • The utility company’s heat pump water heater (HPWH) rebate program
  • How EFI’s leading E-Rebates technology works
  • How your utility company can get started and see results for yourself


The HPWH E-Rebates Summary

The utility company is offering instant rebates on four ENERGY STAR certified HPWHs that can be purchased at local Home Depot and Lowes locations. By using ultra-efficient heat pump technology, each model is about 4x more efficient than a standard electric water heater, which offers immediate and long-term savings. According to, a family of four can save approximately $330 a year and up to $3,500 over the unit’s lifetime. The units are priced from $1,300-$1,400 before a $750 utility rebate. With the instant rebate, customers can purchase a new, energy-efficient HPWH for roughly the same price as a standard electric water heater.

 How it works:

  • Customers choose from four ENERGY STAR certified HPWHs
  • Purchase in-store at local Lowes and Home Depot locations
  • Scan QR code on unit’s signage to receive an instant rebate of $750 via SMS message or email
  • Instantly rebated and ultra-efficient units offer immediate and long-term savings, empowering customers to make the energy-efficient choice.

Program Results


The proof is in the pudding - E-Rebates are a success.

In 2020, EFI processed 801 HPWH instant rebates for the utility company, a remarkable uptick compared to the traditional mail-in rebates the year prior.

  • 2019 Traditional Rebates: 288
  • 2020 E-Rebates: 801
  • 2019 Traditional Rebates: 176


Greater Success = Greater Goals!

Given the great success of E-Rebates in 2020, the utility was also motivated to increase this year’s HPWH goal by 1,500 units.

If the utility reaches their goal, they’ll save customers a total of $1,320,000 annually!

  • 2020 Goal: 2500 water heaters
  • 2021 Goal: 4000 water heaters


About EFI’s E-Rebates

EFI's Instant E-Rebates Platform is an innovative mobile technology that allows for quick and easy savings on energy-efficient products no matter where your customers are. It’s super easy! All they need is a smartphone.

How E-Rebates Work

  • Shop in-store and look for signage on products that are eligible for an instant rebate.
  • Scan the QR code on the product’s sign.
  • Answer a few questions and get a coupon (rebate) sent right to your phone.
  • Bring the phone to the register for immediate savings.

Why E-Rebates are Great

  • No waiting! No more searching around for rebated products, and no more waiting 6-8 weeks for a snail mail rebate - just convenient, immediate savings.
  • So easy! Seamless technology empowers the customer to adapt to a more energy-efficient product and rewards their choice instantly (and this helps utilities reach goals faster)!
  • Enhances customer experience: Customers instantly associate E-Rebates with their utility's brand, boosting overall customer satisfaction and the customer experience
  • Cost-effective: E-Rebates eliminate the costs and processing time associated with other forms of rebates such as of paper checks, mailing, and credit card fees. These valuable time and budget savings can be put towards customers instead!


How to Get Started with E-Rebates

If you are ready for a boost in program participation, contact an EFI expert to get started. To learn more, visit or reach us at [email protected].



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