Staff in the Spotlight: Nate Hogan

Staff in the Spotlight: Nate Hogan Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

This month’s Staff in the Spotlight is Nate Hogan, one of our Business Liaisons that works extremely closely with both our Program Management team and IT team to ensure our clients’ business requirements are understood and delivered in their project from the initial concept through helping with the actual buildout of the marketplace.

When Nate started with EFI ten years ago, he was a temp in the Data Processing department. Since then, he became a permanent employee and in his time here has been a Program Administrator, Program Coordinator role, and a Program Manager. It was in 2017 when he started splitting his time between being a Program Manager and helping IT scope out the new project requests that his current role as Business Liaison was created.

It was working with EFI that really opened Nate’s eyes to the energy efficiency space. Working alongside founder, Brad Steele, and other longtime EFI employees really opened his eyes. He loved hearing about EFI’s impact from his colleagues and seeing the enthusiasm they had inspired him to also feel proud of the work EFI does day after day.

The growth Nate has recognized in himself since he started with EFI is one of his biggest career accomplishments. He recalls starting as a temp and being shy and incredibly nervous. Since then, he has gained confidence in himself and is leading meetings with some of our biggest clients. He credits this growth to the experiences at EFI and all the friends he made here since his start.

Outside of the office, Nate loves to travel and give back to the community. He has spent a lot of time working with homeless children in Worcester, MA with the Horizons for Homeless Children program and looks forward to getting back into the program again soon. Nate visited Rome two years ago and has plans to visit the Glacier National Park in Montana this coming year. He also has a trip to Germany in the works for 2020.

When not boarding a plane to his next destination, Nate can be found at a Boston Red Sox game or taking it easy at home playing videogames, reading, binging a favorite TV show, and spending time with his girlfriend and their 21-year-old cat, Snickers.

In 2017, Nate received the EFI “Can Do” Award at the company’s year-end event and we can’t think of anyone more deserving! Nate is such a crucial member of the team and we appreciate all of his hard work to ensure our clients are happy!


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