The Threshold Group and EFI partner to provide professional turnkey installations of Smart Thermostats

The Threshold Group and EFI partner to provide professional turnkey installations of Smart Thermostats Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

The Threshold Group and EFI partner to provide professional turnkey installations of Smart Thermostats 

The Threshold Group and EFI, Energy Federation Inc, have partnered to create an opportunity for Utilities to effortlessly provide low-cost, professional installation of smart thermostats to their customers.   

Utilizing the EFI marketplace and Threshold’s nationwide network of well-trained technicians, utilities can incentivize customers to choose energy-efficient products such as smart thermostats and ensure they get installed quickly and professionally.  

A key component of this program is its ability to efficiently support demand response programs. When it is critical to get the unit operational as soon as possible and linked to a utility portal – EFI and Threshold can provide a seamless ordering, scheduling and installation process.  Threshold technicians also focus on customer service and education to ensure consumers become comfortable with the features of the thermostat as well as the benefits of a Demand Response or Time Of Use program.    

EFI recently conducted a survey that indicated one of the main reasons customers hesitate to purchase a smart home or thermostat product is because of concerns regarding installation. Although smart thermostats are discounted by EFI and are often instantly rebated by the utility, the cost of installation discourages customers from the purchase of these products. Or even worse, the customer acquires the thermostat and never installs it. 

With this partnership, EFI and Threshold can work with Utilities to earmark existing budget, rebates and incentives to provide a value proposition that motivates customers to purchase a smart thermostat while mitigating the installation concern with a free or significantly reduced professional installation. 

“It is a pleasure to announce that EFI and The Threshold Group are producing advanced solutions for utility portfolios across the United States,” said Paul Danehy, CEO of EFI. “The implementation of no or low-cost professional installations resolves the customers’ concerns of budget, and the utilities’ need to track program success. We and our partner look to revolutionize the marketplace shopping experience.” 

“The Threshold Group is excited to work with EFI on this initiative,” said Threshold President Steve Nolfi. “Utilizing budgeted incentives and rebates to provide low cost or free professional installation of smart thermostats and other smart home devices has proven to be the inertia needed to move more consumers to adopt these energy-efficient products and programs.” 

This integration is part of a groundbreaking suite of solutions designed to meet utility program goals. The utility marketplace creates an all-in-one offering to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience with white-glove customer service, and robust product fulfillment and delivery options.  

It also allows the utility to offload any need to purchase, warehouse or ship product as that is all handled by EFI and Threshold. 

A no-cost installation program is currently being deployed through the Connexus Energy utility marketplace in Minnesota. 

About EFI 
Energy Federation, Inc. (EFI), the industry leader in delivering energy efficiency technology solutions, is changing the way people save energy and how utilities engage with their customers. EFI is a pioneering technology provider of utility-branded marketplaces and instant rebate programs for utility companies. EFI’s innovative incentive and product all-in-one solutions help utilities meet their customer’s needs - at the speed of life. To learn more about how EFI can help, visit

About The Threshold Group 

The Threshold Group is a subsidiary of RCH, a field services organization established in 1977 to support the Telecommunications industry. As part of a move to diversify its services, Threshold was created in 2011 to support additional sectors including Energy, Non-Profit, and Home Services. Currently, Threshold supports multiple utilities and implementers in the energy sector, providing marketing, outreach and installation services for energy efficiency and energy management programs. 


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