Why EFI is a Great Place to Work

Why EFI is a Great Place to Work Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

When it comes down to it, EFI is just a wonderful place to work. From the work/life balance to the amazing people working together every day, EFI provides a motivating workplace for everyone. While there are so many more we could share, we compiled our top 10 reasons why EFI (and the people who work here) rocks.

1. Employee Run Committees
Activities Committee
EFI has an activities committee made up of representatives from nearly every department that plans and executes activities for all the employees such as the annual holiday party, summer boat cruise, costume contests, and other special events throughout the year. Not only does it give committee members a chance to voice their opinion and share their ideas together, all the events the committee plans brings a lot of fun to the office all year round.

Sustainability Committee
Starting in 2015, EFI's Sustainability Committee remains focused on our Sustainability Action Plan, committing the organization to tracking and achieving specific sustainability-related reduction goals by 2020. Our Sustainability Committee meets often to brainstorm the ways the company can become more sustainable with their resources in order to meet the goals of the Sustainability Action Plan.

2. Environmental Initiatives
In addition to the bigger picture that the Sustainability Committee works toward, EFI employees are encouraged to take part in various initiatives to be green. Every Earth Day the team volunteers to pick up trash and clean up our town. EFI also provides sustainable items to employees such as glass water bottles, ceramic mugs and dishware in the breakroom, LED lightbulbs, and more.

3. Fantastic Benefits
Employees at EFI are eligible for wonderful health benefits. EFI pays 80% of the cost of health insurance and 60% of dental insurance. While most companies have switched to HMO's and high deductible plans, EFI has continued to offer their employees a high quality Blue Cross PPO plan with a low deductible. EFI also offers excellent vision, disability and life insurance to employees. As for retirement savings, EFI matches 40% of 4% of an employee's salary in a 401k with Fidelity Investments.

4. An Abundance of PTO
EFI offers generous amounts of Paid Time Off to its employees and promotes a heathy work/life balance. For the first three years an employee accrues 21 days per year. After three years of employment they accrue 27 days per year, and after six years they accrue 30 days. The PTO is intended to be used both for planned time off as well as sick time.

5. Department Teamwork (WIGs)
Nothing motivates like teamwork in an office! All the departments at EFI have quarterly WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) and teams work together to not only achieve these goals, but create WIG story boards to illustrate their goal and their weekly progress. It can be fun, a little competitive, but, most of all, it's motivating to work alongside your team to accomplish the goal.

6. Efficient Internal Communication
With internal newsletters, company-wide meetings, and frequent email communication, EFI ensures its employees are aware of what's current in the workplace and what is to come. Employees are always encouraged to share their questions anonymously prior to meetings so that if there is ever any information not known, they can get the answers they need.

7. Department Celebrations
Celebrations are always a fun way to keep the work morale up. We love celebrating everything at EFI and find ways to make the work days fun throughout the year. In the summer time, we often light up the grille for lunchtime cookouts, we have a hot cocoa bar every Friday morning all winter long, and host fun pot lucks and department decorating contests around the holidays.

8. Opportunity for Growth
EFI loves seeing their employees grow as the company grows. Because of this, EFI not only encourages employees to take opportunities within the company to advance their career but seeks internally first when a new position opens to see who would like to advance their career. Having growth opportunities within the company allows employees to feel motivated to take on new and exciting goals every day.

9. Free Counseling Programs
Something unique offered by EFI is an Employee Assistance Plan to help employees with various aspects of their life. Whether it's a challenge in the workplace or a personal matter, EFI offers confidential counseling with experienced clinicians for those who need it at no cost to the employee or their dependents. There are also financial professionals available to discuss concerns with employees finances, estate planning, retirement savings, and more.

10. Working for a Cause
Here at EFI, we believe it is essential to encourage people to use our planet's limited energy and water resources wisely. We assist people in these efforts by offering high quality conservation products and services at affordable prices while communicating practical, objective information. We believe that by following this mission, our work will lead to an improved quality of life and economic condition and that's a cause we can all get behind!


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