Kit Distribution and Gift Pack Initiatives

EFI will create, launch, and track your custom energy saving kits and gift packs.

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We do The Work … You get The Benefits.

Enhance your Brand

Your brand – Your message – Your offer to save. We will help you ‘talk’ to your customers. We will design and supply a customized, attractive package filled with energy saving items that your customers will appreciate while enhancing your brand.

Target Your Hard to Reach Customers

Energy saving kit distribution programs remain one of the most cost effective ways to serve your hard to reach customers such as small businesses and low income households. We will help you provide these important customers with access to energy efficient products and services.

Build Awareness and Increase Savings

Kit distribution programs are a great way to cross market other programs and services. We will help you ‘talk’ to your customers and drive behavior to increase savings. Your customers will welcome the opportunity to get further savings — and your initiatives will achieve success.


Count on EFI’s In-House Capabilities

Our IT Team ensures that:

  • Your data is secure
  • You receive custom reporting and
  • Your website is available 24/7 for ordering from any computer or mobile device.

Our Customer Service Team is trained to offer technical support and product advice, program information and problem resolution. Our Logistics Team handles all incoming orders, returns, and exchanges — quickly and accurately.

Exceed Your Program Goals

EFI’s kit and gift pack distribution programs are scalable. We will respond quickly to meet your needs — even at the end of a program cycle. Need to hit a savings goal? Trust the Pros at EFI.

With over $10 million of inventory on hand and multiple warehouses, we will quickly meet and often exceed your goals for savings.

EFI will help you boost program participation through special mailings, online ordering capability and customized outbound calling campaigns.

We are here to help you succeed.

Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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