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    Let There Be (LED) Light!

    When it comes to light, there’s a lot to wrap your head around: LED, lumens, watts, kelvin, warm vs. cool. Do you ever wonder what it all means and what it has to do with you? It can be daunting to know what the best light bulbs are for your home. Hopefully this blog will help you better understand the differences between an energy efficient LED bulb and a standard incandescent bulb picked up at the store for cheap. [Read full article]
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    Why EFI is a Great Place to Work

    When it comes down to it, EFI is just a wonderful place to work. From the work/life balance to the amazing people working together every day, EFI provides a motivating workplace for everyone. While there are so many more we could share, we compiled our top 10 reasons why EFI (and the people who work here) rocks. [Read full article]
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    Staff in the Spotlight: Jed Crawford, Director of Strategic Initiatives

    “I really enjoy the building science challenges that we help customers solve. It is a very misunderstood topic and it is satisfying to help change people’s minds from the way they’ve always done it to ‘insulate tight, ventilate right.'" [Read full article]
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    10 Eco-Friendly Products You Need in Your Life in the New Year

    Have you started checking items off your New Year’s Resolutions list yet? If you’re struggling with it, we have some suggestions to help you if you’re hoping to become more eco-friendly next year and lower your carbon footprint. The best part? Many of these items can even save you money! [Read full article]
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    Super Six Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

    With holiday gift giving season in full swing, we pulled together a list of our favorite gifts that will bring joy to your loved ones AND the environment. Whether you’re the outdoorsy type, an artist, a tech nerd, or a new homeowner looking to make your home more energy efficient, this list is for you. [Read full article]
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    Staff In The Spotlight: Phil Scarbro, VP of Strategic Initiatives

    “Sustainability principles and practices are essential to environmental protection, healthy economic development, and addressing societal inequality.” [Read full article]
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    How EFI lives and breathes to improve our working environment

    The only way our mission succeeds is if EFI is the leader of its own objectives. We believe it’s paramount to lead by action and lead from the front. [Read full article]
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    eCommerce Marketplace Impacts

    During the calendar year of 2017, EFI received eCommerce orders for 2.4 million energy-saving products. If all products ordered are installed, 138 million fewer kilowatt hours of electricity will be consumed annually, which is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of over 12,000 homes in the United States. [Read full article]