Julia Harmatz

General Counsel

Julia, as General Counsel brings deep experience in drafting, negotiation, and closing complex agreements. She brings strong acumen in intellectual property, finance, mediation, litigation, and excellent leadership and interpersonal skills to her role. Previously, she served as counsel to multiple business segments including software licensing, e-commerce, online marketing, and web hosting, server allocation services, real estate and affordable housing development, small business owners, artists and filmmakers. In addition, she has mediated and litigated in Boston Housing Court and District Courts in Massachusetts, as well as served as the lead counsel and manager to the Technology, Telecommunications and Energy Committee for the Washington State House of Representatives under Governor Gary Locke.

Julia enjoys politics, yoga, and gardening. She lives in her childhood home in Newton with her husband Michael and their children.

Julia is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, New Orleans, LA.

Julia Harmatz, General Counsel

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