The focus of our work always has been to give families, individuals and businesses access to the most cost-effective, most environmentally friendly energy resources – namely, quality energy saving products and equipment.”  – Bradley Steele, CEO of EFI

Our Mission

We believe it is essential to encourage people to use our planet’s limited energy and water resources wisely. We assist people in these efforts by offering high quality conservation products and services at affordable prices while communicating practical, objective information. We believe that by following this mission, our work will lead to an improved quality of life and economic condition.


EFI’s History

Since 1982 EFI has been helping people and organizations purchase quality conservation products at affordable prices. EFI has grown to become a leading advocate of energy efficiency throughout the United States. We do this through the distribution of products directly through our Wholesale and Consumer Divisions and through the administration of high-quality utility sponsored incentive programs, kit and gift pack distribution programs and utility branded online stores.

Mission-Related Grants

At EFI we believe it is essential to encourage environmentally benign and sustainable use of our planet’s energy and water resources. Each year EFI sets aside a portion of the organization’s revenue to support the work of EFI’s member organizations, other non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource conservation.


EFI has been committed to reducing and limiting societal impacts on the environment throughout the organization’s history. We largely do this by facilitating improved access to, and use of, high quality, low cost energy efficiency products at affordable prices. While our products and services benefit our customers and the environment, we believe we can and should do more.